HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Photoshop and GIS maps

Final project for a "Digital Text and Typography" course

Amanda Lee, Justyna Ausaureny & Vivianne London

Winter 2015

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Exposing real Montreal neighborhood stories and opinions to other locals, visitors and the public

MonReal is a community communication project that presents and enhances real memories, and stories associated with particular neighbourhoods in the city of Montreal. It aims to connect the present with the past, connect different social groups and spheres through words, and connect typography with technology. The map is not only a physical representation of an area, but of people and their stories and perspectives. It celebrates the multidimensional culture of Montreal neighbourhoods and aims to preserve and digitize words and memories that can facilitate sociality, bonding, knowledge, exchange, and exploration of the city.


My main roles were to provide input into the design of the project, and to code the entire website. My team captured memories from locals by interacting with random citizens in public spaces.

Monreal Website

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