After Effects, Trapcode Particular, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Art direction and development for the 2nd annual McGill Physics Hackathon

Amanda Lee & Gabriel Galindo

Winter 2017

Event Website


Setting the ambience for a physical space for engagement

The McGill Physics Hackathon brings together physicists, programmers, designers, businesses and associations into one place for a weekend of teaching, learning and development. My parter and I rebranded the event to reflect these notions and to attract more participants to the event. Our visuals were inspired by fluids and particles, and the visual effect that forms when they are affected by forces such as gravity and wind. We designed all aspects of their branding and promotional material such as the website, posters, t-shirts and event projection animations.


My main roles were to design the logo, to code the mobile-friendly website, and to create two motion graphic videos to set an ambience in the venue that reflected the branding of the event. One projection was used for the main area which featured the event logo along with its sponsors, the other projection was used to set the ambience inside the dome at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) during the final presentation and the award ceremony. Through the development of this project, I learned a lot about Trapcode, C4D and the specific technical requirements needed to project in a dome.

Dome Computer
Dome Computer

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