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Graduating Exhibition Design Course

Amanda Lee, Charlotte Bracho, Daniel Kocur, Joséphine Crochon & Pascal Xavier Poirier

Winter 2017

May Contain Website


Creating an environment that plays with the notions of containing, concealing and revealing in order to allow over 100 individual projects to shine

"May Contain" is Concordia University's Department of Design and Computation Arts 2017 year-end exhibition that celebrates the diversity of artists and art techniques found within our department.

As a member of the scenography team, our major tasks were to layout an optimal circulation plan, to design and build display elements that reflect the theme of the show while beautifully showcasing the works within a given budget, and to map out the placement of all projects in the show according to each artist's spatial and technical requirements. This required strong and open communication within our own team, the artists, the school, lab technicians, and the management, curation, environmental graphics, lighting and print teams.


The scenography team worked closely together to produce measurements, concept pitches, proposals, 3D renderings, project placement maps, walls, display tables and display units. Some of my more individual roles included understanding and organizing all digital projects, and producing the CNC milled props. Additionally, I helped Gabriel Galindo of the web team to code the framework for the May Contain mobile-friendly website on WordPress.

Digital Room
Exhibition Print Room
Scenography Table
Table Half-Lap Corner
CNC Icon Props
Wood Process
Joining Wood
Table Saw Cuts
May Contain Placement Map
Rhino Model
Room Render

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