Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing, 1 Kinect camera, 1 computer, 3 digital monitors, 2 analog screens, 2 analog to digital converters, 1 microphone, 2 speakers, 1 Mackie mixer, 5 homemade LED light packs, 1 lamp, 5 diffusers, and 8 mirrors

Final project for a "Programming for Artists" course

Amanda Lee & Naïade Aoun

Fall 2015

3DVR Central


Reflecting how humans simultaneously juggle physical and virtual fragments of themselves in today's technologial era

Today's age of technology encourages humans to be present in many places at once, physically and virtually (through texts, social media posts. emails, etc.), resulting in multiple fragmented representations of the individual. In Disembodied, mirrors represent fragments of the physical self. The virtual self is reflected onto TV screens and computer monitors, where a Kinect camera tracks the viewer and turns fragments of their silhouette into cold, pixelated, noise forms, to reflect the digital age. Sounds in the room are captured and distorted to sound less organic and more technological. The viewer is prompted to question agency, autonomy and how their notion of self has changed and adapted to the technological era.


My main roles in this project were to program the visual elements of the Max patch, and to set up the libraries and the input of the Kinect Camera, monitors, microphone, speakers into Max.

Disembodied Installation
Max patch sample

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