Blender, Rhinoceros3D, Autodesk, Resolume Arena, Syphon, Max/MSP, laser cutting and circuit electronics

Project for a semester long studio course

Amanda Lee, Justyna Ausaureny & Kristen Sutherland

Winter 2015

Forward Slash Exhibition

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As hybrids of machine and organisms, humans become creatures of their environment, social reality and fiction

Beats & Bits plays on the notion of body as a hybrid of machine and organism. The heart model reconstruction portrays humans as a creatures of their environment, social reality and fiction. We create a real-time light (projections of audio-reactive visuals) and sound (8 bit synthesizer and music) experience that is reactive to the environment and continuous in movement. This creates a unique and ongoing cycle which is characteristic of everyday life. Through this project we aim to explore the dualistic nature of the human heart and evoke feelings of pertinence to the apparatus. Our installation is a techno body part in which we interpret and translate the human heart as a subject of medical and biological laws, as well as cultural and emotional labels. It is a synthesis of man and machine that will make you skip a beat.


My main roles were to program the audio-reactive visuals, to help design and build the stand for the plexi-glass heart, and to ensure that all elements of the project were integrated coherently.

Beats & Bits
Behind the Scenes
Heart Laser Cut Top
Heart Laser Cut Side
Heart 3D Model
Building Stand
Soldering Synthesizer

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