Blender, InDesign, and various physical materials and matter

Final project for a "Geology of Media" prototyping course

Amanda Lee, Milin Li & Naïade Aoun

Fall 2015

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Allowing the urban public to understand the natural relationship between water and wind using their senses

Aura attempts to expose the way geophysical forces influence the behaviours of natural elements. Our aim was to reveal the natural characteristics of water and wind in a controlled environment to allow the public to sense the natural behaviours of these elements. We spent months researching and testing different materials, lighting, wind speeds and directions, water types, water volumes, and string sizes in order to come up with a prototype, and a proposal for the project's final concept and location. In the end, we chose to use both natural elements in conjunction with light, to create caustic effects. These effects allows the viewer use their sight sense to bring attention to the movement of liquid, and their touch sense to link the wind to its movement.


The phase of brainstorming and testing hypothses was completed as a group. My partners created a 3D mock up the final proposal in Blender, while I designed an entire booklet dedicated to our research processes and conclusions.

Stages of Research and Testing


Final Concept

Final Concept

Documentation Booklet of Findings and Conclusion

Booklet Cover
Booklet Page
Booklet Spread

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